Terms of Service

Definitions of terms used

Professional: user who is registered with Slotrr and who has a calendar of reservations.

Client : user who makes a reservation with a professional.

The Slotrr team : individuals managing the Slotrr online booking application.

Using the Slotrr application

The professional is free to create a calendar with the times that suit him, the Slotrr team cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the times indicated in the calendar.

The professional can freely cancel a reservation at any time, a reason for cancellation can be indicated to the customer by the professional at the time of cancellation.

Depending on the choice of configuration of the professional, the customer can be free to cancel a reservation via a link which will be sent to him in a confirmation e-mail.

If the professional has not chosen the configuration allowing the direct cancellation of a reservation by the customer, the latter must contact the professional by email or telephone in order to cancel the reservation.

Processing of personal data

Professional: The data concerning your structure is made available to customers on your reservations page if you have checked the option allowing your information to appear on your Slotrr web page. The information concerned is: the telephone number of your structure, the opening and closing hours, the location (postal code, address, city, country).

The description and name of the structure, as well as the photo appear by default on the reservations page.

Your information will never be shared with any organization other than Slotrr.

The Slotrr team does not declare any responsibility for the accuracy or the nature of the information provided by the professional.

Similarly, the Slotrr team gives itself the right to delete and report to the competent authorities any image or information of a child pornography, pornographic, racist, offensive, violent or intolerable nature nature.

Client: when taking a reservation you agree that your information may be transmitted to the professional concerned by this reservation, as well as to the Slotrr team.

The information concerned is: your first and last name, e-mail, telephone number, the number of people concerned by the reservation, as well as the comment to be sent to the professional.

This information allows the proper functioning of the application: it allows the professional to contact you in case of cancellation for example.

As this information is available to the professional, the Slotrr team cannot be held responsible if the professional subsequently contacts you for any commercial solicitation (newsletter, commercial offers ...) or other use.

Customers or professionals, you can at any time request a copy of your personal data registered in Slotrr, in accordance with data protection law. The Slotrr team will only be able to send you this information on the email address indicated on the Slotrr site, and this to avoid sending your personal data to a third party.

You can also ask the Slotrr team to delete your personal data at any time.

For the professional, the deletion of your personal data implies the deletion of your account as well as all the reservations made in your structure.

For the client, the deletion of your personal data implies the cancellation of all your past, current or future reservations.